tenth edition, 24-25-26 may 2019

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Tenth edition, may 24-25-26, 2019

Coexistence: The work of intertwining lives, stories and fates

Ten years ago, creating a festival of contemporary anthropology seemed extremely innovative. But the world is changing before our very eyes and as such, trying to understand the reality surrounding us today from the anthropological perspective is perhaps one of the most useful things to propose. Because it means rekindling interest in other people, in other cultures, where the connection is not merely in terms of respect and dialogue but also the awareness that we are all in the same boat, on a journey through humanity, freed from the dead wood of racism and indifference that weigh so heavily on daily life.

This is why we have chosen to explore the topic of “Coexistence: The work of intertwining lives, stories and fates” in our 10th edition programme. Coexistence means “living with”, “living together”, respecting ourselves and respecting the Earth where we live. Coexisting is an “art” in the sense that society is a place where things are created. In a world rapidly accelerating every day, where relationships are increasingly played out in the digital sphere and bonds become looser because of the falloff in storytelling that is the cornerstone of every community, it is becoming more and more difficult to establish relationships that are reciprocal, deep and egalitarian. Reflecting on the language and practices of coexistence also aims to capitalise on and continue the ten-year path Dialogues on Man has taken. Thank you to everyone who believes in dialogue and the Dialogues!

Giulia Cogoli, Creator and Director, Pistoia – Dialogues on Man


Friday 24 May – 5.30 pm - Piazza del Duomo - Free


Luca Iozzelli, President of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e Pescia

Alessandro Tomasi, Mayor of Pistoia

Giulia Cogoli, Creator and Director of Pistoia – Dialogues on Man


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