Coexistence: (also) a question of religion?

18 Stefano Allievi

Coexistence: (also) a question of religion?

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Sunday 26 May 2019 10:30 am
teatro Bolognini 2

We live in a society that places increasing emphasis on pluralism: of cultural and religious lifestyles. In this kind of world, religions can also play a fundamental role in respect to the secular world and to civil society. Indeed, they can act as a reference to a form of identity (often, above and beyond forms of belief and personal convictions) in society and politics, or they can become a tool to generate cultural conflicts, or, the reverse, to help resolve these clashes.

A sociologist of religion and migration offers us a very contemporary reflection in an attempt to define the characteristics and the new contours that a truly plural society should have. He will follow a few lines of in-depth thought and the fundamental facts to understand the role of religious pluralism and religions, particularly the relationship with European Islamism.




Stefano Allievi is Professor of Sociology at the University of Padua and president of the master’s degree course in Culture, Education and Global Society. He is director of the Master on “Islam in Europe”. He served as a member of the Italian Council for Relations with Islam at the Ministry of the Interior, and the Committee for the prevention and study of jihadi radicalisation within the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. His research centres on the analysis of migratory phenomenon, the sociology of religions and studies of cultural mutations, with particular attention to religious pluralism and the presence of Islam in Europe. His books include: Islam italiano. Viaggio nella seconda religione del paese (Einaudi, 2003); Tutto quello che non vi hanno mai detto sull’immigrazione (with G. Dalla Zuanna, 2016); Immigrazione. Cambiare tutto (2018); and 5 cose che tutti dovremmo sapere sull’immigrazione (e una da fare) (2018) with Laterza.

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