Resilience as a creative act: doing more with less


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Resilience as a creative act: doing more with less

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Saturday 26 May 2018 3:30 pm - SPOSTATO A
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To “resist” is a verb with an ancient history, which indicates a situation where one must “remain firm and compact against an opposing force, without being overcome”. The word “resilience” is more recent, dating back to the 1700s, and means “ability of a material to resist blows without breaking”. That said, the appearance of resilience in the present debate (see the thousands of online sites and articles connected to the term) is thanks to psychology. Emmy Werner used it for the first time in 1955, when she was studying 698 newborn babies on the island of Kauai in Hawaii whose lives she would follow for the next three decades. The traditional norms of the time predicted that many of these children would suffer some form of physical or mental problems in the future, based on their family backgrounds. However, 72 of them were actually able to improve their conditions, achieving comfortable lives thanks to their resilience. This is not merely a question of resisting or jumping backwards, but rather undertaking a creative act: transforming a negative into a positive.




Marco Belpoliti, an essayist and writer, collaborates with la Repubblica newspaper and l’Espresso magazine and teaches Literature and literary criticism and visual arts at the University of Bergamo. He manages the Riga collection with Elio Grazioli for Marcos y Marcos: with Stefano Chiodi he coordinates the web magazine and publisher His most recent books include: Diario dell’occhio (Le Lettere, 2008); Il corpo del capo (reprinted, 2018); Pasolini in salsa piccante (2010); Da quella prigione. Moro, Warhol e le Brigate Rosse (reprinted, 2018); L’età dell’estremismo (2014); Primo Levi di fronte e di profilo (2015); La strategia della farfalla (2016); La prova (2017); Chi sono i terroristi suicidi (2017) with the publisher Guanda; and Camera straniera. Alberto Giacometti e lo spazio (2012); and Il segreto di Goya (2013) published by Johan & Levi. He curated the 1997 edition of Primo Levi’s Opere and the new three volume edition Opere complete (2016) for the publisher Einaudi.

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