Solitary dialogues. Why do teenagers share but not coexist?

17 Matteo Lancini

Solitary dialogues. Why do teenagers share but not coexist?

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Sunday 26 May 2019 10:00 am
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“Ball playing is forbidden”. That is how it all started: the closure of courtyards, the impossibility of walking home from school on your own. First the metropolises then the small towns were invaded by the fear of what could happen to our children. Are the crisis in the education community, the creation of paranoia of the other, the society of narcissism and the tendency towards individualism really all the product of the internet and teenagers’ excessive use of smartphones? To understand the evolutionary significance and the risks of youngsters’ digital experiences, one has to examine the emotional family and social myths that have accompanied the new generations growing up. From these one can begin to understand the forms of profound teenage angst today. Starting from the increasingly common social withdrawal to sexting and cyberbullying. This is where we must start from to alleviate the loneliness and the crises of a hyper-connected generation.




Matteo Lancini, psychologist and psychotherapist, is president of the Minotauro Foundation in Milan and of AGIPPsA (the Association of Italian Groups of Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy of Adolescence). He is lecturer in developmental and clinical testing of teenagers and young adults at the Department of Psychology in the Università Milano-Bicocca. As part of Minotauro, he directs the Masters in “Prevention and Treatment of Addiction to the Internet in adolescence”, and he also coordinates the Teenage Section at the Centre for Consultation and Psychotherapy, and teaches at the training school for

Teenage and Young Adult Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy. His publications include: Adolescenti navigati. Come sostenere la crescita dei nativi digitali (Erickson, 2015); Abbiamo bisogno di genitori autorevoli (Mondadori, 2017); Giovane adulto. La terza nascita (with F. Madeddu, 2014) and he edited Il ritiro sociale negli adolescenti (2019) for Raffaello Cortina.

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