Vandana Shiva received the Dialogues on Man International Award 2019 


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Vandana Shiva received the Dialogues on Man International Award 2019. 

This recognition is bestowed on a personality from the world of culture whose thinking and opus testifies to the centrality of dialogue in the development of human relations, and who has contributed to improving dialogue and cultural exchanges.

This jury is honoured to award the prize to Indian physicist and economist VANDANA SHIVA, one of the world’s top experts in social ecology. She is one of the most influential voices defending the environment, the coexistence between human beings, and between humans and other forms of life.

The Prize was assigned for the following reasons:

Shiva has effectively helped defend the planet’s wealth of biodiversity, starting from her birthplace of India, with courage and determination. She has clearly shown the interconnection and interdependency of living beings, championing cultural diversity and dialogue beyond all borders. She supports movements that fight to improve coexistence between human beings, and between humans and planet earth, wherever they are based in the world. Shiva has encouraged women to step up and become protagonists in politics, the economy and the environment. And she is continually fighting against the excessive, irrational use of natural resources and against climate chaos.
This prize is in recognition of the fact that Vandana Shiva’s writings, speeches, legal battles and her personal action show us that every woman and man can be responsible towards others living on the planet with us – human beings and other creatures – by taking concrete actions in their daily lives. Thank you for forcing us to take back the future of the earth into our own hands!

Exclusive interview to Vandana Shiva

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