Too much sharing in families does not aid growth


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10 Marco Aime

Too much sharing in families does not aid growth

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Saturday 24 May 2014 4:00 pm
piazza del Duomo 1

We are witnessing an increasing amount of sharing, complicity and resemblance between parents and their children. There is more sharing than ever among generations, but with what consequences? If this continues, young people risk losing even more independence from adults as they make their own way through life. So-called rites of passages are slowly disappearing; those hallmark moments in individuals’ lives that society considers fundamental because they lead to a change in status. This is precisely why these events are dramatised in ritual form and become important collective moments. The most common are related to reaching an age that every society, each according to its own parameters, calls “adulthood". Yet over time, these moments of passage in our society have become increasingly more rare and rarefied, as everything in our lives is shared and everyone is eternally young. 




Marco Aime is professor of Cultural Anthropology at the University of Genoa. He has conducted research on the Alps and in West Africa. Aime has authored a number of books: Le radici nella sabbia(EDT, 1999); Il primo libro di antropologia(2008), Il dono al tempo di Internet(with A. Cossetta, 2010), L’altro e l’altrove(with D. Papotti 2012), Contro il razzismo (with G. Barbujani, C. Bartoli, F. Faloppa, 2016) published by Einaudi; Verdi tribù del Nord (Laterza, 2012); Gli specchi di Gulliver(2006), Timbuctu(2008), Il diverso come icona del male(with Emanuele Severino, 2009), Gli uccelli della solitudine(2010), Cultura(2013), L'isola del non arrivo. Voci da Lampedusa (2018) published by Bollati Boringhieri; All’Avogadro si cominciava a ottobre (Agenzia X, 2014); La macchia della razza (2012), Etnografia del quotidiano(2014) published by elèuthera; La fatica di diventare grandi. La scomparsa dei riti di passaggio (Einaudi, 2014); Tra i castagni dell'Appennino. Conversazione con Francesco Guccini (2014); Senza sponda (2015) published by Utet. He transleted Atlante delle frotiere by Bruno Tertrais e Delphine Papin (2018, ADD editore); He's going to publish Comunità (il Mulino, 2019).

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